A Brief Overview Sometime, different industrial parts of aluminum die casting will meet different issues when we shoot samples. In order to guarantee the manufacturing […]

die casting

A Brief Overview High quality chair base are made with aluminum die casting as it is durable and sturdy, also have great support for the

Die Casting Housing

A Brief Overview Most of the components of LED lights are made with aluminum die casting as it offer great dimensional accuracy, besides being durable

Aluminum die casting application field

Key words: aluminum die casting, corrosion-resistant, light weight, application Compare with other casting, aluminum die casting has some advantages, such as beauty, light quality, corrosion

One process will never suit every project, which is why we offer multiple solutions to your die casting needs. This ensures the right process is


Keywords: die casting, aluminum die casting, DFM, design for manufacturability What is DFM? Design for manufacturability is important in aluminum die casting model building because

High Pressure Casting

High Pressure Casting (HPDC) High pressure casting is commonly referred to as die casting, where aluminum liquid is poured into the pressure chamber and filled with

Keywords: die casting, Aluminum Die Casting, Die casting molds, Aluminum alloy As we known, the die casting becomes more and more popular in many industries, because

cold chamber die casting

Die casting is a manufacturing process that we use to help construct smooth, well-dimension metal products. The process consists of forcing molten metal into the mold at very

die casting parts

Keywords: aluminum die-casting, Quality issues of die-casting parts, Porosity of die-casting parts High-pressure aluminum die-casting parts have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good mechanical