Aluminum die casting application field

Aluminum die casting application field

Key words: aluminum die casting, corrosion-resistant, light weight, application

Compare with other casting, aluminum die casting has some advantages, such as beauty, light quality, corrosion resistance and soon, which has become the development direction of the casting industry and one of the most popular casting products for purchasing customers. Aluminum die casting is a fashion manufacturing technology, widely used in furniture, home appliances, automobiles, electronic part, medical,  lighting and other industries.

1. Automobile manufacturing

Aluminum die casting products are widely use in the automobile industry, which has a huge demand market. They can be used to manufacture automobile engine parts, brakes, steering gear and so on. Aluminum die casting is a high strength, light weight, recyclable technology, it can Improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles, thus effectively reducing environmental pollution.

2. Electronic equipment

Aluminum die casting’s excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance make it become a good material for electronic chip radiator and mobile end body shell, which can ensure the stability and reliability of equipment. At the same time, aluminum is highly automated to be mass-produced in the manufacturing process, so that it can help to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Telecom industry

The aluminum die casting parts are widely used in the telecom industry due to its superior thermal conductivity. Wetron has full experience on making light weight, thin ribs, outdoor high thermal conductivity heatsink for this industry.

Telecommunication Die Cast Aluminum Enclosure

4. Furniture

Die-cast aluminum tables and chairs are durable, corrosion-resistant, rust proof, radiation-resistant, good heat dissipation. They’re not afraid of water, humidity and easy to clean. Even in the environment with obvious dry and wet changes, high temperature, aluminum furniture is too firm and reliable to crack.

Besides, the humanized design of aluminum die-cast furniture conforms to ergonomics, which not only emphasizes the integrity and beauty of the space, but also makes the design more personalized and humanized. Due to their exquisite design, luxury style and comfortable experience, it has become the mainstream society of Europe and the United States outdoor furniture.

5. Medical

With the rapid development of medical technology , aluminum die casting become more and more popular in medical industry.

Aluminum die casting is commonly used to make medical equipment accessories, such as medical cart pallets, handles, etc. It is lighter than stainless steel and more durable and hygienic than plastic.

Medical equipment is in constant contact with body fluids, heavy cleaners and other corrosive liquids. Because the medical industry is very strict about hygiene and cleanliness, aluminum’s corrosion resistance is a perfect match.

6. Lighting equipment

Aluminum die casting is widely used for lighting equipment in our daily lives, such as incandescent and fluorescent lamp bases, bedside lamps, decorative lamps and so on.

The light weight of aluminum die casting can reduce the load of lamps. For example, if dozens of spotlights are to be hung on a lamp post in the outdoor stadium, the light aluminum can show its advantages.

Besides, outdoor lamps and lanterns are required to be used for more than ten years, so aluminum die casting lampshades with good corrosion resistance can be matched. When their surface anodized, they can not only improve the hardness and wear resistance, but can also scrub and have decorative effect.

Aluminum Housing For Led Lighting

Aluminum die casting also be used in many other industries, which will not be described here. If you’re interseted in the aluminum die casting process, please feel free to contact us— Wetron, and we will give you more suggestions.

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