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Case Study_Die Casting Shrinkage of Aluminum Chair Base

A Brief Overview

High quality chair base are made with aluminum die casting as it is durable and sturdy, also have great support for the body. Perfect appearance is also one of the necessary factors of high quality. We should check its appearance when we complete the first step of the die casting process to see if there are any appearance defects, such as Die Casting shrinkage. Here is the Die Casting shrinkage case for your reference.

Part NameDie Casting aluminum chair base
Surface DemandNo cold spot, shrinkage, waterwave, porosity, material missing on surface 
Parts ProcessDie casting machine1000T
Plunger Diameter (mm)100
Part weight (g)3240
Part size(mm)310*35*575, 5 star chair base

Part Photo

Part Issue

Issue analysis

Aluminum Die Casting Shrinkage is closely related to product structure and temperature.


1.The structure of the product itself is unlikely to be modified, and it is recommended to adjust by mold temperature. It can be observed that the shrinkage on the opposite side of the gate is not as obvious as near the gate (the product structure is similar), which can reduce the mold temperature near the gate.

2. The Aluminum Die Casting mold temperature is controlled by spraying and cooling water, cooling water is opened when there is no cooling water, and flow rate is adjusted when there is.

3. If the mold is opened, try to open the distance between the product and the shunt cone, which is relatively close.

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