Case Study_Aluminum Die Casting Incomplete Filling

A Brief Overview

Sometime, different industrial parts of aluminum die casting will meet different issues when we shoot samples. In order to guarantee the manufacturing goes smoothly, we need to shoot the issues in time. Such as, incomplete filling issue for this vehicle monitor support. It’s installed inside the vehicle and unvisitable. So the function will be the first priority requirement.

Part nameAluminum Die Casting Vehicle Monitor Support.
Surface DemandNo shrinkage, porosity, complete filling
Parts ProcessDie casting machine1000T
Plunger Diameter (mm)120
Part weight (g)2020
Part size(mm)795*433*95

Part Photo

Part Issue

When we shoot the sample, 100% of this aluminum die casting vehicle monitor support has incomplete filling issue for the location at the end of material flow. Refer to below photos.

Issue analysis

1. The aluminum material flow undergoes multiple turns, resulting in a decrease in flow rate.

2. The aluminum material flow is obstructed by a large hole and causing the aluminum material flow to have insufficient force to fill the product.


1. Raising the pressure when die casting. It will help the material flow to reach the incomplete filling location.

2. Modification the tooling. To build a material flow to cross through that large hole. Avoid the large hole to obstruct the material flow.

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