Case study_ Heat Sink Enclosure peeling

Brief Overview

Part NameHeating Sink
Surface demandSmooth surface without peeling
Part ProcessDie casting machine900T
Plunger Diameter (mm)100

For a good aluminum die casting, smooth surface without peeling is the most important. Here, we discuss one of the undesirable phenomena – Peeling.

Part Issue

Aluminum alloys at high temperatures can easily lead to surface oxidation and peeling.

This phenomenon usually occurs when oxidation cannot be prevented.

Issue Photo

Issue Analysis

Peeling after oxidation, in essence, the casting is not good enough.

The surface of the heat sink has been withstood the impact of high speed and high pressure, it’s easy to appear peeling for the parts with cold lines.

In addition, when the product is baked at high temperatures, the internal pores will gradually release, resulting in bubbling or peeling on the surface.


  • To ensure that workers must operate correctly during the casting process, we can take some adjustments for the die-casting machine’s table and the die casting parameters.
  • The die casting speed and injection stroke can be adjusted, and the pressure can be increased appropriately
  • The position of the gate increases the cooling capacity, increases the cooling water opening and spraying
  • The surface coating can greatly reduce the risk of peeling of aluminum die casting. This coating can increase the surface hardness of the aluminum alloy to prevent scratches and protect its surface from environmental effects such as high temperature and humidity. The choice of coating should consider factors such as the application environment and the Abrasion resistance of the coating.

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