High Pressure Casting

High Pressure Casting (HPDC) High pressure casting is commonly referred to as die casting, where aluminum liquid is poured into the pressure chamber and filled with […]

Keywords: die casting, Aluminum Die Casting, Die casting molds, Aluminum alloy As we known, the die casting becomes more and more popular in many industries, because

cold chamber die casting

Die casting is a manufacturing process that we use to help construct smooth, well-dimension metal products. The process consists of forcing molten metal into the mold at very

die casting parts

Keywords: aluminum die-casting, Quality issues of die-casting parts, Porosity of die-casting parts High-pressure aluminum die-casting parts have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good mechanical

die casting process

The die casting process The die casting process involves multiple steps. Here’s a step-by-step look at the die casting process: Dies can be designed to

Chamber Die Casting

Hot chamber die casting is a highly utilitarian manufacturing technique for low melting temperature metals like magnesium, lead, and zinc. This high-pressure die casting method offers

Aluminum Die Casting part

Every manufacturing process starts with a design, and the same goes for aluminum die casting. One way to ensure optimal production efficiency of aluminum die-casting