The Design of aluminum die casting mold

Aluminum die casting is a commonly used casting method in the industry at present, and it has a wide range of applications in furniture, lamps, automobiles and many other fields. Die design of Aluminum die-casting is an indispensable link in the process of Aluminum die-casting, which has a crucial impact on product quality, production efficiency and cost control.

Aluminum die casting mold design process

The design process of Aluminum die casting mold usually includes the following steps:

1. Product design stage

In the product design stage, it is necessary to consider the shape, size, weight, material and other factors of the Aluminum product, and determine the processing accuracy, surface quality and use requirements of the product, to provide the basis and limiting conditions for the subsequent mold design.

2. Mold structure design

Die structure design is an important part of die casting design of Aluminum, including die type, structure form, working mode, size and shape of each component. Under normal circumstances, the structure of Aluminum die casting mold should have good stiffness and stability, reasonable material utilization, and easy maintenance and adjustment.

3. Mold parts design

Die parts design is the detailed part of Aluminum die casting die design. It involves the design and selection of various parts such as fasteners, guiding members, clamping blocks and injection ports. When designing these parts, factors such as material selection, reliability, machining accuracy, wear resistance and ease of replacement need to be considered

4. Mold processing

Mold processing is the process of machining the designed mold structure and parts into a whole mold. It includes the selection and operation of various processing processes and equipment, such as bench grinders, milling machines, CNC machining centers, etc. The quality of processing will directly affect the performance and service life of the mold.

Attention points of Aluminum die casting mold design

In the design of Aluminum die casting mold, pay attention to the following points:

1. Design reasonable casting shrinkage holes

In the process of aluminum alloy die casting, there are always some shrinkage holes and pores in castings, which will affect the mechanical properties and surface quality of castings. Therefore, in the mold design, it is necessary to reasonably design the position and size of the shrinkage hole of the casting in order to reduce the generation of the shrinkage hole and the porosity of the casting.

2. Set the flow Injection System and cooling system reasonably

The flow Injection System and the cooling system are two very important aspects of casting. The injection flow system should be able to ensure the smooth entry of Aluminum liquid into the casting cavity, and properly shunt, lubricate and cool. The cooling system is set to ensure the product cycle and product qualification rate of the casting, so as to speed up the solidification speed of the Aluminum and improve the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the product.

3. Reasonable choice of mold materials

The choice of die material directly affects the service life and economic benefit of Aluminum die casting die. The mold material should have the characteristics of high strength, high thermal conductivity and wear resistance, and the selection of the appropriate material can extend the life of the mold and reduce the production cost.

4. Check the accuracy of the design

After the mold design is completed, the accuracy of the design should be checked. This includes the inspection of the mold structure, the inspection of the parts and the inspection of the assembly. This ensures that the mold design meets the production and manufacturing requirements of Aluminum die casting, ensuring that failures and unnecessary waste in production are avoided.


In summary, Aluminum die casting mold design is an important link in Aluminum die casting production, which directly affects the quality, production efficiency and cost control of Aluminum products. In the Aluminum die casting mold design, it is necessary to apply reasonable design process and pay attention to the relevant design points to improve the quality and economic benefits of the mold.